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Imagination Harbor Broadway style musicals for young audiences

Congratulations, CARROTS, selected to be featured in the Broadway Bound Festival!

Experience the difference!

Broadway style shows tailored for family audiences and young performers. 

  • Flexible casting

  • Digital products

  • Adaptable music

  • Support materials

TYP Editions

Theatre for Young Performers

TYA Editions

Theatre for Young Audiences

Carrots: A Modern Musical Retelling of Peter Rabbit

Fun, modern, Broadway style musicals made especially for young actors. Flexible casting, digital downloads, simple pricing, and easy to follow director's resources. The perfect choice for directors of young performers ages 6-18.

Bones: A Hilarious Musical About the Science of Bones

Adult performers will have a blast presenting these fresh, entertaining, educational, family-friendly musicals that appeal to audiences of all ages. Corresponding Curricula tailored to State and National Educational Standards make field trip opportunities for classrooms in your local community.


BONES: A Hilarious Musical about the Science of Bones

Performances appeal to a broader audience than most "children's shows".  Clever humor, subtext, and witty dialogue give these shows high entertainment value for all ages.

ALICE A Musical Adventure
ALICE A Musical Adventure Rabbit  is dreadfully late
Carrots: A Modern Musical retelling of Peter Rabbit
ALICE A Musical Adventure
BONES: A Hilarious Musical about the Science of Bones

Our team of educational professionals carefully develop content for learning that is fun, applicable, and relevant, linked to state and national standards. Our productions offer supplemental curriculum materials that help you integrate the lessons into your classroom plans.  FUN FACT: in BONES, the music soundtrack teaches all the major bones of the body as well  as over 98 facts about the skeletal system!


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